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Request: Quizzes and Memes

I'm looking for quizzes or memes.

They should be about either:
  • Behaviour: e.g. Do you speed? how many books do you read/year?
  • Attitude: e.g. When is it OK to take something that isn't yours? Should illegal immigrants be able to get a driving license?
  • Knowledge: e.g. driving theory, food hygiene, wedding etiquette
  • Configurator: car, living room furniture, garden

At the end you should get something you can share, either some sort of label, e.g. "You're a true bookworm", "Best Man's Worst Nightmare" or a summary of what you did, like an image of your car with specs or an Ikea shopping list for livingroom furniture.

What's important is that this is from a company that is interested in how people relate to the quiz subject. E.g. Amazon could do the book quiz, Ikea the living room configurator and Procter & Gamble the food hygiene meme. I'm not interested in Quizzila, OK Cupid and their ilk.

Your URLs would be appreciated.
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