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Random Linkage

Discussing the Tube strike one of my co-workers linked to a site that allows you to map walking routes in central London. I tried it and found out that at a medium pace my walking commute would take 5 hours. Not happening, then. The site doesn't seem to be very adapted to walking, as it generally chooses major thoroughfares rather than nice, quiet side roads.

I've read a couple of articles by relatively young people about how horrible it is or would be to have your mother read your page on a social networking site. This is from a mother who gets on Facebook and her daughter's reaction.

If you thought the Driving Theory Test I linked to last week was too much work, you can try a short version with only 10 questions (and no registration) at the BBC site.

Fascinating thoughts on stages of spiritual development. I particularly like the idea proposed by one of the commenters about how, to the extent that we approach our religion with the mindset of "I choose" rather than "I'm right", is the extent to which we can apply the principles of our religion to our own lives. If we approach it with the mindset of "I'm right" we end up locked into top dog/bottom dog struggles with others to prove that we are indeed right, instead.