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Tube Strike this Week

I've just come home because of the tube strike. The strike is announced to start at 18 but Transport for London was asking people to complete their journeys by 17 and saying that they would have to start reducing service by 16.30. Since I live pretty far out, I thought I'd be better off going home early. I hate it when I have to spend hours waiting for trains that may or may not be working.

It's the ever strike-happy RMT that is holding Londoners hostage as usual. The strike is supposed to last for 72 hours. TfL say that normal service can be expected by Friday morning. Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines will be running but are expected to be extremely crowded. Buses and DLR are running. The congestion charge is NOT suspended.

On the radio on my drive home from the station just now I heard the presenter, Jamie Crick, tell an extremely bad joke. I won't mangle it by retelling it here except to say that the punch line was "ex-tractor fan". Right after the "ex-tractor fan" the presenter switched on Verdi's Prisoners' Chorus (Va, pensiero). It was perfectly deadpan. I was still groaning as I parked my car, through the beautiful music.