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Moving: Passport Renewal

I went to the Swedish embassy to renew my passport today. It took almost ten minutes, including waiting and taking a photo. The embassy clerk was wondering why I wanted a new passport when the current one doesn't run out till 2009 so I had to explain that I was going to get a three-year-long visa stamped in it.

My signature was too short on the first attempt so I had to make it longer. It has to be at least 2 cm long.

Nowadays they don't want too see an ear on passport photos anymore. I think I only had one passport with that type of photo. They do the deer-in-headlights straight-on thing instead. My new photo looks much better than the old one. This will not surprise anybody who has seen the photo in my current passport.

It will take about a week for my new passport to arrive. They'll mail me when it does. I have to go back to the embassy to pick it up then.

Afterwards I went to the Swedish shop and bought lots of candy. Now I'm tired. I need to bleach my hair and look for more documentation. Oh, and chase Nucsoft.