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BradF Leaving Six Apart?

ValleyWag reports that Brad is leaving for pastures Googlier. Their analysis is interesting too.

Update at 7.15 on 7 August 2007: Brad confirms that he's leaving.
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Well, well, well. In a way that isn't surprising. In another way... Ouch.
Yeah. If he could do something with Blogger to emulate the good bits of LJ, I might be convinced to move. The recent kerfuffle is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
I've been watching these developments all weekend, and this just keeps getting better and better. In that "more and more things blowing up in the train wreck" kind of way. O.o

It'll be real interesting to see whether this gets confirmed. I'm seeing at least one person on my Friends list now seriously thinking about migrating over to one of the LJ clone sites if Brad himself is bailing on 6A.
Yeah, I'm worried too. The most recent deletion is either completely random or homophobic.

The problem is that there isn't anywhere else to go that appeals to me. For one thing I have built up a friends list here that I know, like and trust. For another there are two things I like about LJ that no other site has to the same degree: customisable security levels and communities.
Yeah... GreatestJournal is running an older version of the LJ code, though it does seem to have communities that are getting attention. InsaneJournal is running code that seems to be only a little behind what LJ's got (they have the current pages for customizing your journal, for example), but the whole schtick of the site kind of annoys me. JournalFen would probably be where I go if I formally jump over to an LJ clone.

But really, unless somebody implements a clever way to have all these LJ-like sites talking to one another, I may just have to punt to hosting my own blog.
Yeah, I'd really like an open social network that works with everything (including Facebook and *shudder* MySpace) but I'll settle for something that will work with LJ and its clones.
The OpenID protocol kind of helps this, a bit--at least on the sites that actually let you use that to log in. I don't think GJ and JF are running that, the version of the LJ code base they're using is too old.

And it doesn't really address the problem either of trying to keep track of multiple sites at once. I'd really like to see some sort of "Remote Friends" list, where if you're running an LJ clone, you can Friend anybody on any other LJ clone. But alas, I do not have the coding fu to make that go.

It's almost enough to make one pine for Usenet. ;)
Very interesting. Did you read the comment?!
I read all the comments. Was it something specific you were referring to?
I only saw one comment. It looked to be from someone who is currently working under Brad at Six Apart. I thought the commenters take on things in that Brad was basically getting out while the getting was good, and then throwing the rest of them under the bus (saying they were lazy and boring to boot), was interesting. Or maybe more sad and true.