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Gardening Notes: Filling Gaps

I went to my favourite local nursery today and bought some plants. Having removed the white foxgloves from the Pink Border, I had a gap. Louise's pots have not performed well, so I also wanted to get some new plants for her.

For the Pink Border I got a pink penstemon and some "red" lobelias that look more reddish purple to me. For Louise I got rudbeckias and some more pinks. I also bought tomato feed.

I've spent the afternoon putting in the plants I bought and fertilising. That was very enjoyable. Everything looks a lot nicer and neater now after all my tidying. I also tidied up a bit in the Blue border. The geraniums and campanulas had stopped flowering so I cut them back. Time well spent.

Now I'm going to watch Midsumer Murders and wait for Kieron to come.
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