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Cheltenham: Too Much Water

The fresh water supply for Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury is expected to run out soon. The weather is going to be wet tomorrow too, so this isn't looking good.

There's also a risk of the electricity being cut off in Cheltenham because a power substation is threatened by water.

In Gloucester, just across the motorway, the Severn is threatening to burst its banks. It's only a foot from the top of the flood defences.

The BBC has a picture of the river Chelt flowing down the street Bath Parade in central Cheltenham and of Cheltenham railway station. There are lots more photos from the area. The quaint village of Winchcombe for instance, doesn't look at all the way I remember it from our last visit.

I'm glad Kieron doesn't live on the ground floor. Might be a good idea to phone to see if he should come in to work tomorrow. There may not be much to do if the power is cut and lots of his coworkers, who live in Gloucester, may very well stay away anyway.


Thank you for keeping me up-to-date, having no TV, and listening to german radio, (I'm trying to learn german with the OU) I had missed this entirely.
I shall regret you moving to California, though of course I'm pleased for you, because you often mention what's going on at home...