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Potterdämmerung: Fin

Wow. He didn't die. I was sure he was going to die. That they were all going to die.

Part of me is happy, another part feels a slight bit cheated. I was expecting to feel very sad. But the end was in a way very mundane. Life goes on. People get married and have children. They go to Hogwarts. It all repeats itself. Which I guess is good but I was expecting catharsis and that's not how this feels.

Still, I'm happy they didn't die. Happy that they seem happy. This is an end I can live with. It's satisfying in a different way.


I appreciated your summary, Cliffs Notes should be so direct. I have not read any of the Harry Potter books but it has been water cooler talk around the office and I can now join in the reindeer games when other discuss. Thanks.
What I particularly liked about the ending was that Harry didn't vanquish Riddle with stunning displays of magic. It was common sense, humility, and a deep, deep understanding of LOVE.

I also loved the significance of Harry's eyes. James Potter all the way except for the eyes - enough to keep reminding Snape that Harry was his beloved Lily's son. My heart broke for Snape in the Gryffindor Tower scene ... Of all the characters, he was the only person never to get a day of happiness. At least Lupin reconciled with Tonks for a couple of months before their death, and the Marauders had their childhood at Hogwarts. But Snape had nothing - and yet he loved so deeply that he pulled off the most amazing spying.