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Potterdämmerung: Taking a Break

I'm am a little over halfway through the book. I'm afraid that our intrepid trio have just been captured because of something Harry said. So much has happened already: The wedding, the Ministry of Magic, the breaking of the horcrux, the retelling of the story about the three deathly hallows. The book is a true roller-coaster ride but there are many more troughs than peaks, I feel. It's a very dark book.

One thing I kept thinking about the whole time is how Ron represents water, Hermione air and Harry fire. Ron is moody and prone to doubting himself. Hermione is intellectual and overly rational at times. Harry is impulsive and passionate about his quest.

Now I'm off to Tesco to buy some ice cream and perhaps some chocolate too. I'm going to need it if I'm going to be able to finish the book tonight.