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Potterdämmerung: Starting to Read

I've read all about HP6 on The Muggles Guide to Harry Potter so hopefully I have all the background I need to fully appreciate the last book.

My teeth are brushed and the washing machine has been started. Must not neglect preparing for the work week ahead.

I'm tired because I sat up and read most of HP5 yesterday evening. If it turns out that I'm too tired to properly enjoy the book, I guess I'll have to make some tea. The advantage of not doing caffeine on a regular basis is that it works very well when I do drink it.

Opening the Amazon box, I am immediately struck by how the design of the book is the same as on the previous two adult-edition UK hard cover books. However the new book is definitely shorter than HP5. It has 606 pages. The first sentence in the book proper is "The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane."