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Potterdämmerung: The Day Before

I just checked my Amazon account. My order for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (adult edition, hardback) is listed as having been dispatched on 14 July and delivery by Royal Mail will occur tomorrow. Ah, the thrill!

The spoiler policy for this LJ will be that I may post spoilers but they will definitely be under LJ cuts. So if you trust yourself not to click on the cuts, you can read here.

As for making sure I don't get spoiled, I just changed the comment settings for this journal to "friends only".

I was hoping I'd have re-read all the books in the series before HP7 but I'm only on HP5. Not even sure if I'll be able to finish that before I get HP7. Oh well.


Mine will arrive on Monday.
Is that because the Swedish post doesn't deliver on Saturdays?

And now it turned out the Swedish post doesn't even deliver to the right place; my precious book package is in the nearby village, where I'll try to pick it up tomorrow. (Amazingly enough, it's where we usually get on the commuter train, since it's a safer place for leaving the car than our "normal" station, so unless they try to fix the problem by sending the package somewhere else, it'll work out.) But it's interesting how things have changed, now where package deliveries go through normal stores: the guy behind the counter just said I'd have to go to the other place and pick it up; no attempts to fix anything or so.