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Favourite Gardening Books

I wrote this as a response to a post in gardening but thought I'd share the goodness here too.

My favourite book all categories is probably Nigel Colborn's Great Plants for Small Gardens. The photography is sumptous and very inspirational. Colborn also knows what he's talking about.

For hard facts, you can't go wrong with the Royal Horticultural Society. Their Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers is guaranteed to help you find plants that work for our garden and that won't make your garden look like everybody else's in your neighbourhood.

I also like Beth Chatto's books but they're only for people who really enjoy plants.

Having lived on both sides of the Pond, I've found UK books to be a lot more thorough than American books. They start with the absolute basics but then go much further than American books. Having said that, a book about your local conditions, no matter where on Earth you live, is always going to be helpful.
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