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Little, stripey tails: The cuteness, it burns

"Need to go to France? No, Switzerland? No France? No, Germany. No, I can't make up my mind." Basel Airport to the rescue.

Viking treasure discovered in North Yorkshire: Contains coins from Afghanistan, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia (duh!) and continental Europe.

"In the future, we could all be backseat drivers": Presenting driver-less vehicles from UC Berkeley and Stanford. (Ignore the problematic Bay Area geographic references.)

The Potterdämmerung is nigh, have you made plans?

A Dirty Job but somebody's gotta do it: The blog of a holiday park in Hastings

Do you really need another reason for buckling up? Snopes gives the thumbs-up to a video of a driver being thrown out of his SUV and run over by oncoming traffic


You know, I want a driverless TransAm, in black, and I'd call it KITT.
LOL Do you also want to look like David Hasselhoff?