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july, marsh mallow

Marsh Mallow

I found this marsh mallow, Malva officinalis, growing near one of the artificial lakes in Woodchester Park. Kieron and I went to look at the abandoned Victorian mansion of Woodchester and then took a nice, long hike in the park. We got pretty wet but it was worth it.

The mansion was definitely worth a visit, too. Not the least because of the batcam. They have greater and lesser horseshoe bats as well as pipistrelle bats.

Marsh mallow
Wallpaper, feel free to use


That's lovely, Apel. I like how fresh the flowers look with water droplets on them.
Thanks Mae. I guess "fresh" is one way of describing the weather we've been having lately. :-)
that's the best picture of a marsh mallow I've ever seen, apel.
Coming from you that means a lot. Thanks Melanie.