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Visa Approved

I just got the email telling me that my H1 has been approved.


Thanks Puneet!
Never has that icon been more appropriate. :-)
Oh, congratulations! That's wonderful!
Thanks Janet!

On related news, the people who were never ever supposed to send you mail at my apartment have been doing so monthly nonetheless. Trusting that they were also e-mailing you thoroughly, we have been discarding them unopened. Ordinarily, we would have kept such things, but given:
  1. Your assurances.

  2. Our elderly cat's method of self-expression.

I'm afraid they haven't been kept (and you wouldn't want the results of b in any case.

One more just came; should I be keeping them (away from the cat!)?

-- Lorrie
Sorry about that. I need to call them anyway about my W2, I guess I'll try to get them to stop again then.

You can safely throw away the papers. Although if you can shred them, that would be nice.

Poor Wibble.
Tackar, tackar.
Yay, indeed. :-)
Wow! I can only imagine how excited you are. This has been a long time coming!!



To tell the truth, I don't really dare be excited yet. It's taken so long and last year was so painful...
Yay! It has been a long haul, hasn't it? I'm just sorry that I left the Bay area before you moved to CA!
It's been over 8 years. Finally! But I'm terrified that anything will come up that ruins it all again. The failed application last year was very, very painful.
Woohoo! I shall come and visit when I take offspring to see SF :)
You'll be welcome!
Thank you! :-)

Congratulations, Apel!
Thanks Mae! Thanks also for all your support along the way.
Oh, congratulations! I will miss your England rambles, but look forward to what you find in California.
Thanks Rusty. I'm sure there will still be plenty of photos. They'll just be less green. :-)
Now that is what you wanted oh so badly.