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So It Wasn't Just Me

The logo for the 2012 London Olympics is ugly. It's also hard to decipher out of context.

Apparently 15605 other people think so too. They've all signed a petition to scrap it. Roll your mouse over the comments column to see their scathing verdict. Oops, now there are 16186 signatures. That logo really isn't popular.

Update: The BBC has interviewed some professionals about the design.

Update 6 June 2007:
BBC covers the newspapers' reaction
BBC coverage of the animation sequence that triggered epileptic fits


Logo backlash has shown up in metaquotes and cat_macros already.
Ah yes. Although as far as macros go, the O'RLY book is better.
I'm having great fun reading ihasatardis; there was a recent post with motivational posters of all ten Doctors and two of the Masters (including an Eric Roberts that said "No, seriously, WTF?")
You inspired me to add a LOLcat policy to my profile. I've got rather a lot of cat photos. Although there don't seem to be a whole lot of cats in [Unknown LJ tag].
Well, there haven't been all that many cats in the show to use (though there are a goodly number of screencaps floating around from an episode I haven't yet seen of David Tennant and a small black kitten, which I believe is what spawned the community in the first place).
All the jagged lines of it hurt my eyes. And the contrasting yellow border leaves me feeling like I'm coming down with eyestrain. I hope they replace it.
Yeah, it's not exactly pleasant to look at, is it?