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On the Way Home from Stowe

This weekend Kieron came to visit me in the Big Smoke. We went to Stowe Landscape Garden yesterday. It's a fantastic place. We spent 2 hours there but there were still lots of monuments and follies we didn't see.

Following the advice of my recently purchased book about good pub eats, we had dinner at the Woolpack in Stoke Mandeville on the way home. It's near Aylesbury. We sat outside in the sun and had our food. Afterwards I had the first Pimms with lemonade of the summer. There can be few more enjoyable things than sitting outside on a clear summer's evening after a day trip full of wonder and having Pimms with lemonade with your lover.

When we were ready to leave, we set the GPS to take the scenic route and it didn't disappoint. Kieron was amazed at just how narrow roads there are, even this close to London. We came across an old-fashioned cast-iron signpost at a junction and I just had to take a picture in the waning evening light.

You are in Buckinghamshire. Go left to St. Leonards and Buckland Common, right to the Lee and Great Missenden and turn back for Wendover
Wallpaper, feel free to use

I first tried to post this yesterday evening. Unfortunately this is a "long post" by LJ's definition so it failed to post. I'm now trying out the email posting feature. Hopefully that will work.

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Oh, I love that view! Makes me miss England so much!