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Feminism and Popular Culture

The origin of the Bechdel-Wallace rule for movies. Can also be applied to books, of course.

Alison Bechdel's blog about her life on the frozen tundra of Vermont and drawing Dykes to Watch Out For.

Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog, the FAQ and jargon file

Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo Card and its explanations.

Many of the arguments explained in links from the card can of course just as well be applied to other pop culture genres. Although I'd really like to see something similar done for popular music. Gangsta rap is probably too easy but how about RNB lyrics? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? (Telling me why Bueller couldn't have been a female character is too easy and scores no points. Not understanding why, means you need to read and understand the FAQ for Finally, a Feminism 101 blog before I will consider taking you seriously.)

This post was inspired by vito_excalibur's post Laundrygate.