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Random Linkage

As expected Metaquotes had a ball with the passing of Jerry Falwell. One nugget was this, presumably fictional, IM conversation.

A coworker drew my attention to Salon's interview with Tinky-Winky sparked by the same occasion.

People think loftier thoughts in rooms with high ceilings according to a University of Minnesota study.

Photo of a red squirrel with snowflakes on the adorable little head.

A Flash banner for HP lets you arrange flowers in a vase.

California Bunny photo. Daily Animals is highly recommended if you like photos of California wildlife. This one was taken near Fremont.


In that small world thing, I think the guy who does Daily Animals moved into a house in Fremont after we moved out of it, quite a long time ago. He doesn't live there anymore, from what I can tell.
That's interesting about the rooms with high ceilings. Thanks for sharing that.