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I Won the Visa Lottery!

I just got an email telling me that my application will be processed. Unless there is something wrong with the application, I should be home in October. Words fail me.


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I'll break in my brand-new icon to congratulate you. ;-)
Thanks kshandra. Hopefully I'll be seeing that landmark "in the flesh" soon!
Thanks among_the_waves! Also thanks for all those awesome surfing photos and scritches to your feline blonde. :-)
Wow! That is GREAT news!!
Thank you, sweet_pickles.
Tackar, tackar.
Congrats!!! Looks like finally wait is gonna be over :)
Thanks Puneet.
Oh, good luck!
Thanks Janet!
Oh, pretty cookies! Ahem, thank you. :-)
I should be home in October.

WOOT!!! I know you are just thrilled with that! Keeping my fingers crossed that you will be home for the holidays!
Thanks mamaluna. I'd love to be back for the holidays. I could celebrate Yule with people I actually like! :-)
Thanks sunfell.
YAY!! You've worked so hard for this. Congratulations!
Thanks istar. Maybe I'll even make it up to Portland some time.

Thanks Mae. :-)
Indeeeeeeeeeeed! :-)
Thanks zem.
Woohoo! Congrats. About time, too.
Thanks Sigurros!

-- Lorrie
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