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Sunday at Home

This has been a rather productive and domestic day. My plan for this weekend was to garden but it's been raining way too much for that. The jungle in my bay window will have to stay there for another week and get even junglier.

I've vacuumed the hallway and bathroom. That may not sound like much of an accomplishment but unfortunately it is in this flat. Somebody shampooed the carpet and didn't rinse out the chemicals properly so the carpet is just sticky enough for anything small like a lose thread to get stuck to it. I have to sit on my bum and dry brush the carpet with the vacuum cleaner brush attachment to achieve anything.

The washing machine is on its fourth load for the day. It's almost done. I've also filled up the car and washed it. Now you can see out of the windscreen. Before it was full of bugs. The rear wiper blade is coming apart. I'd better get a new one, next time I pass Halfords.

The last hour or so, I've mostly been relaxing and painting my nails. Now it's time to go to bed.


sounds like a good day!

less dirt under your nails than originally planned, but a good day nonetheless...