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Gardening Notes: Removing the Azaleas

The azaleas in the Pink Border never did very well. It was just too dry for them there. Today I ripped them out and also cleared up all conifer debris in that little bay of the bed. Then I put in some pink pansies to replace the azaleas for now. On top I mulched with farmyard manure, as usual.

Tomorrow I want to clean up in the rest of the Pink Border. I also have some lovely wine-coloured pansies to put in. They'll probably replace the daisies at the tip of the border. They're starting to look rather tired.

Three more bags of farmyard manure say that I'll mulch too. It's wonderful what a difference it makes to the soil. After 2-3 years of annual mulches, solid clay becomes black and wonderfully crumbly. The only thing that works better is compost.


I just started turning over the sod in the rest of the area that I'm making into a garden this year. I'm excited about it!

The only thing I'm unsure of, is how to build up the soil. It's pretty sandy (on a hill where there's road runoff) and probably is a little salinic as well.

I'm planning on planting plants that aren't very picky about the soil (other than the tomato plants). So, I'm thinking that I want to use either manure or compost.
You probably know this already but manure adds nitrogen while compost uses up nitrogen. All it means is that you need to add nitrogen if you use compost and that manure isn't to be recommended if you already have a lot of nitrogen in your soil. Lots of nettles is an indicator of too much nitrogen.