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Gardening Notes: Cleaning up the Blue Border

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning up the Blue border. In the end I had five bin bags of refuse. Most of it was leaves and conifer needles. The Blue border is very pretty now. There are lots of forget-me-nots but other plants are flowering too:
Dicentra spectabilis var alba
Pumonaria officinalis
Vinca major

But what I like the most are the many different shapes and shades of green. Soon the forgetmenots will be over. Hopefully by then I will have gotten the annuals I've ordered. If I'm really lucky, the annuals will arrive before the next weekend. Then I'll rip out the forget-me-nots and put in the annuals instead. That would be good because Kieron will still be in Asia next weekend, so I have plenty of time to spend in the garden. Besides, keeping busy is a good way to miss him less.

For next weekend, the plan is to clear up the Pink border. It now has an ugly rust red mulch of conifer twiglets. Yesterday when I went shopping, I stocked up on garden bin bags, knowing it probably won't stay at five next week. The azaleas that I put in the year before last look terrible. They're just twigs with a few sickly leaves at the ends. They'll come out next weekend.

In Louise's garden the builders next door wrecked a lot of plants when they put in the fence. But here azaleas are about to flower, at least. When I get to her border, I will have to remove some of the clay they put on top of the beds. I'll need to buy some top soil to replace it with. A lot of the plants are simply gone so I will have to replace those too. For the far end, I'm thinking lavender, rosemary and catnip. If I can find lots of one of those, I'll make a hedge of them. For the low end, I'm not sure yet. The colour theme is hot but the position isn't very sunny and the plants have to be drought tolerant. Louise likes bold flowers and lots of colour, so the choices are limited. I'll have to think some more about it.