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Worms Head

After the Mumbles, we drove to the end of the Gower peninsula. By a village called Rhossili a curious cliff formation is called Worms Head. That's worm as in the old English dragon. Very fitting for Wales. The beach by Rhossili is immense. The National Trust, who own it, claim that it is 4 miles long.
Rhossili beach
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We walked along the top of the cliffs toward the Worms Head. There were no trees and the only shrubs that grew here were gorse.
Flowering gorse
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I had a nightmare tonight and you can see here why. Seeing Kieron this close to the edge of the cliff even on a photo is rather unpleasant.
Kieron on cliffs above Rhossili beach
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In this photo I deliberately didn't take out the surfers to give a sense of scale. Those tiny dots are the surfers. There's somebody flying a kite too.
Rhossili beach with surfers
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The sun was making it rather hard to take a decent picture of the actual Worms Head but this silhouette came out OK.
Wormshead backlit
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We walked further along the cliff path. Here is Worms Head from the south. The little house on top of the cliff served as a lookout for people who walked over to the cliff. It's only possible to do so at low tide. In this photo the tide had been coming in for a few hours so the causeway was flooded.
Wormshead from the south side
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We walked back to the village on a footpath through fields and sheep pastures. This is the village of Rhossili with the ubiquitous sheep lending an air of Welsh-ness to the last photo of the day.
Rhossili village with sheep in the foreground
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Beautiful shots... makes me want to go.

I wonder if we will finally make it to the UK for vacation this fall? It all depends on the job/money situation but I am hopeful.
I added you to my friends list, I am looking for ACOA friends. I'd like to be on your recovery filter.