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A Good Friday in Wales

Kieron and I drove to Wales. The weather was very nice and the scenery exceedingly pretty. First we drove around on some very small roads on the Borders. The landscape here is different than in the Cotswolds. Partly it's because the houses are painted white, instead of being in Cotswold stone. The hills are taller and the feeling of remoteness more complete. As we were standing on this hill all we could hear were sheep baahing. The absence of car noise was very welcome.
Border country landscape
Wallpaper, feel free to use

Last time I went to Wales, I poked around Llanthony Priory. It was such a romantic spot with the mist and there were hardly any other people there. This time the bar next to the priory was open and there were people with pint glasses milling about, kids holding loud, earnest conversations about age and dogs getting acquainted with each other. It was very different from my previous experience.
Llanthony Priory
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Behind the priory there was a horse pasture. This handsome fellow showed off his shiny fur as he trotted past us toward the watering trough. Dashing isn't he?
Horse in evening sunshine
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Now we're getting ready to go to the Mumbles.


Oh the horse and the picture are gorgeous!