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Five O'Clock on a "Friday"

It's 17.03 but I' can't leave for another 45 minutes at least. The sun is shining outside and I want to go. Now! *pout*

After work I'm going to Stanfords to pick up some maps because my Wales maps have mysteriously gone missing. Probably I lent them to somebody. Stanfords have a 3-for-2 deal on OS Explorers so I'm not really complaining. And a colleague gave me a tip on a really neat place to go in the Forest of Dean. It's called Symonds Yat.

Tomorrow I'm driving to Cheltenham. Although I'm kind of thinking that it will be tonight because I'm itching to get out of London and see Kieron. The same colleague also gave me a tip on a place in Bristol that may need an IA... Maybe. The only other IA position anywhere near Cheltenham that I've seen was in Cardiff. That's at least a 90 minute commute by car. No point in even applying.

Anyway, I'm still itching to get out of the office gbut I've got to sit off another 30 minutes. Best return to my wireframes.


Symonds Yat is brilliant, and there's a nice pub at the bottom called the Saracen's Head - I used to go canoeing near there, and I remember the food being good. Tintern Abbey is also nearby and very photogenic.

One thing you could consider in Cardiff is commuting by train - they go up the Welsh side of the Severn, and can be quite effective.

Have a nice weekend :)
I'm just wondering if it will be absolutely mobbed on a sunny Easter weekend. Any idea? Or is everybody going to be busy DIYing?
Shouldn't be too hideous - down by the River Wye, it'll be jam packed because all the canoeists will be out for their first runs. If you park at the top of the rock, though, it's generally a bit quieter. There's a little car park and tea shop, and you can walk down the Yat to the river and back up again. It's quite a stiff walk, but I did it when I was relatively unfit and had a sprained ankle ;)