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dreamy, blue

Snowshill Manor

Anemone blanda at Snowshill Manor gardens We went to Snowshill Manor to look at the garden on Saturday. It's an Arts and Crafts garden in the Cotswolds with lots of little nooks and crannies. Today it's owned by the National Trust. While the garden was very pretty, the high point of the visit was meeting Tinker, the manor cat.

Snowshill is a very pretty little Cotswold village, clinging to the side of a hill.
Cherry tree in Snowshill
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The church has a short, squat tower.
Snowshill Church
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The organic gardens are divided into outdoor rooms. At this time of year, daffodils, lungwort and spring bulbs dominate. There are also pansies and the first forget-me-nots, while the hellebores are slowly fading.
Path in Snowshill Manor gardens
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There were plenty of benches from which to admire the view of the garden and across the valley.
Bench in Snowshill Manor gardens
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Blue Anemone blanda was flowering under some trees in the cottage garden.
Blue Anemone blanda
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On the way out, we met Tinker. She really liked Kieron and I got to pet her a bit too.
Kieron and Tinker

Tinker, the manor cat, was having a good afternoon with Kieron fussing over her.
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Wonderful! I know I'd love that place, it seems so peaceful and filled with new growth. Hope you had a nice time :)
Lovely place... and that's a sweet story too. [hadn't heard of it before].
Always said, if I was able to afford a big enough place, I'd have a whole tribe of cats. [well, more of a one than I do already!]
Aw, nice kitty! :^)