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orly, lama

I May be On to Something Here

Normally I brush my teeth first and then rinse my nose. But today I did it the other way around. What is funny is that while I was brushing my teeth with my trusty Braun electric toothbrush, I got lots more water out of my nose and it smelled even worse than before. And now my nose is clearer than before I started brushing.

I think I'm going to try doing this again. Maybe I could actually avert the sinus infection I feel coming on if I get my head to vibrate more after I pour water in one nostril and out the other.
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you know how an ultrasound bath works to clean your glasses?
(basically vibrating the dirt loose and out of the odd corners)

Well, sounds like you just figured out how to do that for your sinuses.
Yeah, and while it worked, it didn't work well enough. GP visit in 90 minutes.