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Painswick Village

When we got to Painswick, the weather didn't look very promising. Still, the gently undulating Gloucestershire landscape is charming.
View of fields and farms from Painswick Rococo Garden, 28 January 2007
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But the weather cleared up so I did get my shot of backlit snowdrops in the end. This is taken on the way down the driveway going toward the village.
Snowdrops at Painswick Rococo Garden, 28 January 2007
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When we had had our fill of snowdrops and follies, we walked around in the village for a bit. The goal was to find somewhere to eat but in the end we had to make do with Cheddars biscuits and Eccles cakes from the Londis. This is the main road, the A46 through Painswick. As you may have guessed from the yew trees, the churchyard is on the left and the timber-framed building is the lych house.
The A46 through Painswick with the timber-framed lych house in the middle, 28 January 2007
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What a lovely view! My cousin used to live in that valley, and I can remember spending hours of my childhood playing in the streams and fields.
I can't believe my eyes, flowers and such green fields in February, or is it even January? But you know how it is :) We've got plenty of snow today, and more is on it's way. Did you like winters or did you escape them?

I would have loved to see the town myself. You go to places I am sure I'd love, I love anything small and old, and charming!
you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. :)
Just lovely, so calming to view....