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Missing: Focus

I just can't concentrate at all today. Whatever I do, anything even moderately shiny that passes simply grabs my attention by the nose and leads it up the garden path. Oh, flowers. I should order bedding for spring and summer.

See what I mean?

I blame it on the weather that has suddenly turned spring-like after yesterday's scouring. Too bad it's not going to last. Sunday evening the temperature is going down to -4°C. At least that's not going to phase my flowering white hellebores.

What do you mean I'm rambling?

Now it's Mediaeval Babes with Undrentide on my iPod. Strange. I didn't realise it was in the Classical genre in my iTunes. I thought I'd put it somewhere else. Oh well. I just hope the battery lasts all the way to Cheltenham tonight. The ETA is 22.56. That's pretty late. I downloaded some podcasts from Steve Pavlina that I'm going to listen to.

I looked out of one of the windows in the stairwell of my new offices earlier. There's a whole little world of roof terraces, fire escapes, galleys and sky lights on the inside of the block. The lines and angles get very complex. I wish I could get out there and take photos. The office is off Oxford Street, one of the most well-known streets in the world with shops crammed into all available space. And yet there exists this hidden world mostly populated by pigeons within a stone's throw.

Cottage cheese with white chocolate and raspberry milkshake powder from Whittard is better than cottage cheese without, I must say.


Ahh yes, the chimney-sweep's world we learn about in Mary Poppins...
Exactly. It actually exists, still.