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Top 20 UK Cat and Dog Names

One fun thing about working on a new site is that you discover fascinating things you had no idea even existed.

For instance, for Norwich Union's pet insurance you have to give the cat's or dog's name and naturally somebody compiled the data. Currently the most popular UK cat name is the rather unsurprising Tigger. The most popular dog name is Molly. According to NU, many of the names in the top 20 of pet names also feature in the top 20 of baby names.

And just so this entry isn't a complete waste of electrons: Please insure your pet. Just as you can count on humans' falling ill or having accidents, you can count on the same happening to your pet. Pet insurance is dirt cheap, vet's bills easily go into the thousands. Do the maths.
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I'd never have guessed Molly
No? It seems to be the archetypal name for chocolate labs at least. Probably sheep dogs too.