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Dentist Trouble

I'm getting rather fed up with my dentist. Today's appointment is a rescheduling of an appointment in November when the dentist was ill. It was meant to be at 12.30 but earlier in the week they called me and asked if I minded moving it to 10.45. I didn't, since I've taken the whole day off from work anyway.

So this morning they call me and leave a voicemail at 10.15, saying there's an emergency, would I mind to reschedule? Yes, I minded, big time. They keep cancelling at the last minute and I'm getting fed up with it.

When I called back, they were very apologetic but tried to get me to reschedule for tomorrow. I'm in Cheltenham tomorrow, so that's not going to work. I told them that I had taken the day off, and suddenly it was alright for me to come in at the time I was booked. By then it was 10.25, so I had to get dressed and leave pretty quickly.

I really wonder about that emergency because when I got to the surgery, there was no sign of any upheaval. What there was, were people working with something in the garden. Maybe I'm a git but I'm wondering if that was the "emergency".


Im going to the dentist for the first time in 12 years next week - I'm scared.

I think it comes down to difference in values. I think of appointments and other time-fixed dates as unmissable. Often other people seem to think of them as guidelines or "nice to haves". I don't like that attitude generally, but it really isn't appropriate in a professional setting.
Ah must be just trying to take you for a ride while they wanted to do something else.
It sucks !!
Wow. I'd be really ticked off! That's pretty rude. When it happens once, and for a good reason, no problem. Even twice can be understandable considering circumstances. But to get the feeling like some gardening is the reason they wanted to reschedule? I don't know how long I'd be their customer...