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The Year in First Lines Meme

maetang did this and I liked it so I gakked it.
The instruction is to post the first line from your first journal entry of each month. In one case that's a photo for me. I also added links back to the entry and I only picked public entries.

The times of my entries seem pretty erratic so I've just taken the entry that's at the top of each day rather than try to figure out which one was really the first for the month.

Happy New Year!

Microsoft have released a beta of Internet Explorer 7 for public download. [Work]

I'm going to spend all day at an agency, ironing out the usability kinks in a web application. [Work]

I would have thought that the summery photos from Sulgrave would have found the most interest but it seems that a majority of readers want to see my photos from Germany. [Mjausson.com]

I was thinking of sending my accountant a gift and my thought immediately went to sending him some California wine. [US taxes]

Today was hectic and tomorrow promises to be worse. [Work]

It wasn't my disappointment, it was that of my neighbours who were watching the match while I was outside watering the garden. [Football World Championship]

I used my heating pad tonight for the first time in quite a while. [Weather]

No time for LJ tonight. [Post-holiday post]

New Apple iPod nano - 8GB - Black - Apple Computer [Retail therapy]

This morning when I saw the white coating on the grass, I went into denial. "Surely that's just dew. It's only the beginning of November" I said to myself. [Weather]

Which of the sentences is more formal? [Work]
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