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Gardening Notes: Clean Up and Some Signs of Hope

Today I had some daylight hours free so I grabbed the chance to clean up the garden. It's been looking pretty bad for months now. Given the choice between spending time with my boyfriend and going out into the cold and wet garden I've chosen what any warm-blooded person would do. But today was the day.

I decided to keep it manageable by only removing dead plants. That means that the fallen leaves are all still there. That's OK, they'll act as a blanket for the soil and the plants when it is cold, giving them a head start on spring when it comes. It still looks so much better now that I've removed the wilting chrysanthemums and cut down the brown-leaved fuchsias.

There are a few signs of life in the garden but not many. A cream-coloured primrose was flowering in the Pink border. In the Blue border the blue primroses are flowering, as expected, and a white hellebore is also flowering. Hopefully there are more hellebore buds hiding under the leaves. In the Hot border some daffodils were poking their noses through the soil in one of the pots. That pot contains two margeurites that by now have woody stems but the foliage is still all green. I'm not sure if I should cut them down or let the daffodils group up around them.