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Jennifer Crusie and Then?

So I'm nearly through all the Jennifer Crusie books on Amazon.co.uk. Now what do I read?

What I liked about Crusie is that her books are fluffy without the cringe-inducing Mary-Sue factor. She also mostly doesn't rely on her characters being dumb or comletely unbelievable coincidences to move the plot ahead. So fluffy without insulting my intelligence, I'd say.

I also like that her female characters are mostly professionals because I have a hard time identifying with hair dressers and home makers.

Any recommendations for me?


You might like Janet Evanovich -- fluffy, fun mysteries. Stephanie isn't precisely professional (she got laid off from her job as a clothing buyer and ended up working for her cousin Vinnie as a Bond Enforcement Agent aka Bounty Hunter), but she's not a homemaker by any means.
Thanks for the tip. *puts High Five in shopping basket and proceeds to checkout*