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Kieron: Another Great Cotswold Weekend

The weekend was very good. I had brought along a guidebook and we chose to go to Winchcombe, one of the Cotswold gems closest to Cheltenham, on Saturday.

Winchcombe is a little town less than half an hours drive north-east of Cheltenham. It's also incredibly quaint. Really, it's just dripping with quaint. There are more cute little two-storey cottages in mellow cotswold stone than you can shake a stick at, 40 gargoyles are perched on the parish church and there's a castle nearby -- Sudeley.

The castle wasn't open but we walked up as close as we could get. It was a very picturesque walk through the castle park. Both the Tudor castle and the extensive gardens looked very promising. We'll have to come back when they open in spring. It was too cold for Belas Knap, the nearby long barrow, too. But since both cybermule and my guidebook recommended it, I'm determined to make it there soon.

Today we went furniture shopping, which was a bit of a disappointment for Kieron. He found a coffee table he'd like but the earliest he could get it would be at the beginning of January. Ikea is looking more and more attractive, even if it's a bit of a drive to the nearest one in Bristol.

I floated the idea that Kieron would come with me to Yorkshire for the last few days of this year. Just now I texted him the URL to the hotel. Hopefully he'll want that. It's going to be great without him too but it would be even better with him, I think.
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It was a bit bloody cold at the weekend, wasn't it? I thought it was just because I was up North, but no... cold everywhere.
So I have to ask... Is Kieron an American? Or did you find an interesting Brit after all?
Neither, he's Canadian. :-)
ah now that's just plain cheating ;)