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Dysfunctional Family Meme


You scored 89 Abuse and 31 Effect of abuse!

Somehow, you got dealt a shitty hand when it came to your breeders, but you came out on top! You should be very proud of yourself. You should consider helping out abused kids, be a mentor or some such touchy feely nonsense. But really, people could benefit from sharing in your character and maybe a little bit of your sheer luck will rub off on them too ;)

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 90% on Abuse
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You scored higher than 30% on Effect of abuse

Link: The Is your Family Dysfunctional Test written by ginger_ale on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Luck had very little to do with it. Hard work and determination did.

The text in the result doesn't mention that people could just as well get this result because they have worked hard on their recovery or because they're still in denial about the effects growing up in an abusive environment has had on them.
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I rather dislike that kind of unprofessional attempt to analyse very serious things like dysfunctional families. Too many people don't react like you do, saying "Well, they missed some things", and think that that badly spelled test (oh, ok, they used "your" instead of "you're" which is a pet peeve of mine) is authoritative.

Or maybe I am just being resentful because they told me I need a kick in the ass. :-)
I thought it was OK until the results. In those the quiz designer seems to want to distance herself from the emotionally loaded issues. Like in this result she's talking about "touchy feel nonsense". I really doubt that she feels that way about mentoring programmes for abused children. Keep in mind too that the quiz designer is 19.

Did she tell you you needed a kick in the backside to work on your recovery or to stop moaning? One is good, the other not so good, in my opinion. But then again I'm biased.
The second, IIRC -- which I also thought was a bit unfair since they asked the questions! Anyway, I had no idea who the quiz designer was or her age (I should find out those things before criticizing people, I know) and it's true that the quiz results were phrased in a very light tone.

In any case, I don't come from a particularly dysfunctional family at all, and admire people like you who do, and still managed to deal with it and (at least as far as I can tell) not allow it to destroy your life. Kudos.
That was OK. I just wish my effect rating was lower :(
"Keep coming back. It works, if you work it and work it, you're worth it." OK, you can hate me now. ;-)

I gather lately life has been getting in the way for you?
Yeah - I could do with a bit of peace and quiet. Although I was kind of kidding myself that everything was OK, whereas I think I've just moved forward from a few years ago. Which is good, but not the final point.