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Birthmark Removal

Today I've had a birthmark removed. Nowadays you can do that on the NHS. Larger surgeries may even have a GP who does it, so there's no need to go somewhere else. I had my GP do it.

It was all very undramatic and untraumatic. First the GP injected local anaesthetic. She said that it would sting a lot but it was no worse than the local anaesthetic that the dentist uses. Plus my birthmark was at the back of the neck. The skin there is a lot less sensitive than the gums. Then she faffed around behind me for a couple of minutes. A few times I could feel a pin prick. But that was it. Then she put on a self-adhesive, water-proof dressing and I was good to go.

In two week's time I'll have to have the two stitches removed. There will likely be a scar but I'm going to see what I can do with aloe vera gel and lavender oil. At any rate it should be less bothersome than the raised birthmark. It kept catching on laundry labels and bleeding on my tops.

In a couple of months I'll probably have my second most bothersome birthmark removed. It's raised too and sits on the bikini line so I keep slicing into it when I shave.
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I have very similar problems with "skin tags" on the back of my neck - they catch on thing and bleed. But, until my hormones go back into check (after the baby, once I'm back on the birth control)I'll just keep accumulating them, so I might as well wait and get them all taken care of at once.
Well the second one should be more fun for the doctor to remove.

I don't have any birthmarks, but I do have a mole on my cheek that I catch every now any then when I shave, which then bleed like for ever... I guess that will have to stay...

Still, nice good on you for getting it done.