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Microsoft Accessible Explorer

The Acc Explorer allows you to see which accessibility features are available to Windows in any application, including Flash movies. It is part of the Active Accessibility 2.0 SDK Tools. If you run Windows XP, you want the file named AccExplorer32.exe. Earlier versions of Windows take AccExplorer9x.exe. For obvious reasons there are no versions for other operating systems. It's an executable.

Screen shot of Acc Explorer Select-Window-from-List windowWhen you have opened the application, go to Options and either Choose Window from List or Select Window with Mouse. Acc Explorer will then take a moment or two to build a tree of the accessibility features present in the window you chose. Screen shot of Acc Explorer Select-Window-with-Mouse window

Once this is done, the tree structure of the application will appear on the left and the properties of the currently highlighted node are shown on the right.

Acc Explorer main view with the tree structure on the left and the properties on the right

From an accessibility point of view the most interesting properties are:
Name and description: These can be read by screen readers for instance
Keyboard: Can this button be activated by clicking a character or character combination on the keyboard?