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Emptying My Suitcase

In my suitcase I find the following:

  • a Velbon tripod

  • a drypack for the camera

  • a packet of blueberry soup powder, makes 3 L

  • a packet of rose hip soup powder, makes 5 L

  • a mysterious present to somebody who may read this

  • a bottle of HTH body lotion with carbamide and lactic acid

  • an eTrex GPS unit, yellow

  • two bottles of Lactase enzyme tablets

  • a packet of 12 Boots handy wipes

  • a book by Arnaldur Ingriðason with the title translated from the original Icelandic into Swedish, Änglarösten, The Angel's Voice (unread)

  • a magazine aimed at women over 50 M magasin, För ett rikare live with headlines on the front cover including "How to become a popular mother-in-law" and "Be a success after 50" (partially read)

  • an American magazine aimed at Pagan women, Sage Woman, Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman with headlines on the front cover including "The Healing Magic of Solitude" and "Tea: Have a Cup of Comfort"

  • two nail files

  • a bottle of nail polish, Dior Addict, 150, Rose Ellipse

  • a bottle of nail polish, Lumene Quick & Chic, 16 Horizon

  • twenty single-use eye drops, pure saline solution

  • a chap stick

  • chart with 3 remaining Imodium meltlets

  • three Always panty shields

  • a Swedish-language map of Gamla Linköping

  • a pair of ear plugs

  • a DVD of the van Veeteren movie Svalan, katten, rosen, döden (The Swallow, Cat, Rose, Death) with Sven Wollter, Eva Rexed and Thomas Hanzon starrring (unwatched)

  • eleven CD covers:

    • Sjutton Sånger: Lemarc sjunger Lemarc, disc left in rental car :-(

    • Per Gessle: Scener

    • Eldkvarn: Atlantis, sounds like prog rock but it's all love songs

    • Marie Fredriksson: Min Bäste Vän

    • Peps Blodsband: Äntligen!, reggae with a political message sung in Skånska

    • Christer Sandelin: Jag Lever Nu

    • Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté: In the Heart of the Moon, instrumental, highly recommended for chilling

    • plus the usual suspects, e.g. Dido, Vivaldi and Sheryl Crow