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I met Hans at his office. He showed me how to get to Uvberget on a map and then we set off, each in our own car with him leading the way. It didn't take more than twenty minutes or so to drive to Slattefors, between Sturefors and Landeryd on the river Stångån. There's a small water power plant there and some locks on Kinda Kanal.

Trying to remember how to, I managed to enter the way point into my GPS. I don't think I've used the unit for years. Hans had been in the area before so he led the way. Following the GPS and the map we found Uvberget without problems. The cache itself didn't present any problems either. Once you've found a few caches you have a pretty good idea of what sort of nooks and crannies to look for. The cache was in the first suspicious-looking hole under a rock that we looked in.

Having found the cache, we sat down for the traditional caching picnic while we looked through the treasures and wrote in the log book. Hans had brought tea and Maryland cookies and I contributed some Cloetta kexchoklad.