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I'm in the youth hostel in L. Physically I'm not great. My stomach is distended from all the water I've been drinking and I've got red spots on my chest and back.

I'm hoping that the spots are a reaction to the anti biotics because in that case they'll go away by themselves now that I've run out. The water retention will likely sort itself out during the night. I'm still thirsty and still drinking, obeying my body's signals.

I've had a shower. That made me feel much better. Unfortunately I discovered that I should have brought a towel. Luckily there was a tea towel here that I could use. But tomorrow I'm going to buy a towel.

The plan for tomorrow, apart from buying a towel is to find a geo cache with an old friend of mine, The Pink Unicorn. I need to call him first thing tomorrow and arrange where to meet.

I texted another friend, Mange, to tell him that I had arrived safe and sound in L. I was hoping he'd tell the people in Mötet because we were planning a little get together on Monday or Tuesday evening. He hasn't responded which makes me wonder a bit. I guess I'll call him tomorrow or on Monday.

I was also thinking of calling a guy who started at the institute of technology at the same time as me. It could be fun to have lunch together.

Originally I hadn't planned this to be such a social holiday. It's very different from my usual holidays. But now I'm excited about meeting all these nice people from the past.
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