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Blessed Shower and Nattering About Work

I've had a shower and feel so much better for it. Unfortunately it was also rather exhausting so now I feel like going to bed again. But I need to take my antibiotics before I can do that, so I'd better stay up for a little while longer.

My manager called earlier while I was in bed but he didn't leave a message so I guess it wasn't urgent. I called him back a few hours later but got his voicemail. On Monday I've got a dentist appointment so I'm going to work from home. But I have no idea what I was going to work on, so I can't tell whoever to send the assets to my home address. So I need to find out what I'm doing on Monday from my manager who has access to my calendar.

I also need to get him to sign and fax my timesheet. Originally my plan was to take the 3 remaining holidays I've got while I'm on holiday in Sweden, the week after next. Now I'm going to take this sick leave as holiday instead. That way I get the money before I go on holiday. Smart, eh?

I've got some more stuff to say but I think I'll put it in separate posts so I can find it again later.
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