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Rainy Sunday

It's been by turns raining, hailing and thundering here today so my gardening plans were scuppered. Luckily it's cleared up a little now in the evening so I was able to get the plants I bought from the car and put them in the garden. There are three white Campanula carpatica, a pink begonia and a pink chrysanthemum. They're still in their pots and will stay there until next weekend.

Instead I've been pottering around, doing chores and stuff like that. Also spent quite a bit being social online. That's always nice.

The weather is turning chilly and it seems that summer is over for this year. I'm even pessimistic enough that I bought two long-sleeved shirts at boden.co.uk. According to the forecast it's going to rain more tomorrow, on Wednesday and Thursday. Have I said lately that I'm not overly keen on rain? I know we need it but I still don't like it. Bring back the hot weather of July, I say.

I'm not really looking forward to work tomorrow. It's getting really tedious with the constant schedule wrangling. Worst of all is that I'm made out to be the bad guy when the real problem is that my employer doesn't put its money where its mouth is. For now I'm getting better at setting boundaries but I'm not happy.

My holiday is fast approaching. That is something I'm looking forward to. I'm not expecting great weather but it's going to be very interesting to see all those places I used to frequent many years ago. Next weekend is the last weekend before the holiday. As luck would have it I have two dentist appointments that week so I'm working from home on both Monday and Friday. That's incredibly handy because the two hours plus I'd normally spend on the tube, I can instead devote to laundry and packing. I just hope that the overly zealous restrictions on hand luggage are lifted by then. How am I supposed to survive a three-hour flight without a book?


How am I supposed to survive a three-hour flight without a book?

We've been dealing with a lot of air travellers for this church meeting I'm volunteering for, and I've heard quite a few people say "well, its a pain, but atleast we're not in England..." All liquids and gels are restricted here (toothpaste, perfume, sunscreen etc) but we're allowed non-electronic objects.

Also - can you imagine the poor flight crew on these planes? Dealing with HOW many people suffering delays and they can't have anything with them on the plane? Bored=cranky for many, so these poor stewards/stewardesses must be dreading their workday...Yikes!