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juicy, Lucius

Veggie Meme From gardening

What type of vegetable are you?

Congratulations, you are zucchini, the sexiest vegetable on the planet. Long and shapely you strut your stuff through the garden as all the other vegetables turn their heads. You are a lover at heart, yet very earthy. You love movies that have anything to remotely do with the color green. Your motto is Say it lean! I'm proud and green!.....and baby, you don't need to say anything loud as all those other vegetables are already lined up to sit next to you in the salad bowl.Your ideal mate is parsley. You'll find parsley fun and exciting, though with not so much up stairs, but that doesn't matter, life is all about having a good time. You and parsley are comfortable anywhere because you tend to influence those around you. And lucky for you both, everyone wants you two around. However, during sex with Parsley, always consider the weight ratio before exploring more adventurous positions.
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