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Carl Bildt's Blog: A European in Sweden on European and International Developments

Carl Bildt was Swedish prime minister for the most conservative party in Sweden, Moderaterna, 1991-1994. Since then he has been politically active in Sweden, the Balkan states and elsewhere in Europe. He writes a blog with the subtitle "A European in Sweden on European and International Developments". I'm mentioning it here because I know several Americans who enjoy occasionally reading a European perspective on American and world politics.

Right now Bildt is writing about American foreign policy and how Richard Holbrooke's and Newt Gingrich's diverging opinions may shape the future for the rest of the world. Naturally he also has opinions about the conflict in Lebanon and the recent political process in Israel regarding the conflict.

Comments are not enabled on any of Bildt's posts. That's a pity because if he gave out comment accounts, the way e.g. Making Light or ValleyWag do, the discussions could have been fascinating.