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The Tax Accountant and the Cardiologist

I met up with my tax accountant and his friend, the cardiologist, tonight. It was great. We went on the London Eye and had dinner at Strada by the Royal Festival Hall afterwards. Now I'm tired and thirsty.

The London Eye was of course a great hit. Even with the cardiologist who is pretty scared of heights. He took lots of photos. It's something about that egg shape that makes people feel much safer than on ordinary ferris wheels. The view was amazing. I pointed out St. Paul's cathedral, the Gherkin, Tate Modern, the BT tower and other landmarks for the visitors.

Strada is always great. I've put little S marks in my London map for their most convenient locations. Tonight I had linguine with seafood and a fig tart afterwards. Yummy. I swear they're not paying me to say that.

But the best part was the conversation. It's so nice to talk to Americans. The conversation just flows with a natural give-and-take. They really listen to your stories and respond with stories of their own that add a new perspective on what you're talking about. You don't always agree but you always come away feeling enriched by having shared views. It reminds me yet again of why I want to move home.
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Sounds like a lovely day. :^)
It was a great evening. I'm very happy I went.

Really? No one to talk to in London

I've read a few of your pieces here, they are are often interesting, but I can't help thinking that you see America through a soft tinted lens and I can't believe that out of 68 million people in the UK, none of them are worth talking to...

Are you sure that your own thoughts of going home are not coloring the UK and London a little to darkly?

Anyways, glad you had a good time. London eye is cool and London is generaly a fun place to be. Lots of stuff to do, and a lot of it free too... Just look in Time Out. Who knows, you may even find some one English who can hold his or her end up in a decent conversation...

Re: Really? No one to talk to in London

I've been here for 7 years and have yet to find anybody. But let's make a deal. You'll find me a Londoner who doesn't moan and I'll find you a unicorn. :-)