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Another, Umm, Interesting Day

When I got in to work, there was no message from the engineer who had been working on my PC yesterday so I called up the help desk. They did not know what had happened to my data but they could tell me that I would need a new machine. ETA for that is 5 September.

The reason for the long wait is that I'm using a development machine. Those are unsupported, because goodness knows development isn't really important. *snerk* So when the help desk helps you at all, they do so on a best-endeavour basis. My response to that was to say that my manager would likely want to escalate the matter. They were going to get somebody to call me back but that didn't happen. I'll have to call again tomorrow.

They did however get the engineer to call back. She had saved almost all the data from my old PC to her portable hard drive. In the afternoon she came over and copied it to a spare PC that I'm using while waiting for a proper, new machine. That was a huge relief. I think it was just the files I had open at the time of the crash that were lost. Thank Goddess!

What wasn't so good was that while Ashish from India was able to remotely restore my Notes email, my calendar and address book had been stored locally on the old PC. I had tended my address book lovingly but my calendar was booked through the middle of September. I was close to tears when I opened the calendar view and it was blank.

Obviously when I told the project managers, they all tried to book all of August for their projects. They were joking, I know, but I'm still feeling stressed. Particularly when one of them came over later and tried booking time for his project in earnest. I had to refer him to his manager, who will sort out the priorities. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. The manager then had a meeting with all the PMs who told him what dates they had booked. He put together a long email with all the dates. However, the dates that none of the project managers had booked, he tried to book for other things. It's just that the reason none of them had those dates, was that somebody else had booked them. Like my manager, for instance. No pressure.

I hate all these scheduling conflicts. Now I try to refer them all to the PM's manager. Hopefully that will give me some relief.


Oh dear - I'm sorry your day was so bad. I'll send you some good thoughts, and hope it improves.
Oh no!
Its tragic enough when you lose information due to computer failure, but to have these extra stresses...you must really be feeling the pressure. Thinking of you...