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Sunday Walk

I've been out walking today. I parked in Deddington and walked first to Barford St. Michael, then to Barford St. John and returned via Coombe Hill. It was glorious.

In Barford St. Michael I stopped at the friendly St. George pub and had a Pimms with lemonade. It was very refreshing in the heat. Both pub cats wanted cuddles, another bonus.

I had a book by Ajahn Sumedo to read. It helped to read his clarity and humanity. I'm not looking forward to this week but I've got a better handle on it than I had before my walk. It's about priorities and perspective.
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What, no pix of the pub cats? :P

I am not looking forward to this week either. I have a big problem with priorities and perspective these days. :P
You know how hard it is to take photos of cats that just want to cuddle.

Yeah, I can imagine that things are a bit unsettled for you right now. Do HCL have any openings for somebody with your skill set in Phoenix?
I don't know, they have customers in the Phoenix area but no office there. The closest office would be LA.

It's not even worth looking into at this point as I am stuck on this project for at least 2 years anyway. I also cannot just pack up and move to Arizona just yet, too many obligations here.