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Las Trampas with Kieron

Kieron and I went to Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in early March. This is the view south from the trail not far from the car park at the end of Bollinger Canyon Road. Note the flowering trees on the right.
View south from Las Trampas
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It was a bit early for spring flowers but I found a purple nightshade, Solanum xanthi.
Purple nightshade, Solanum xanthi
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These white flowers with green tendrils belong to the cucumber family, Cucurbitaceae. The genus is Marah, the manroots. Apparently they have an immense, man-like tuber underground. I didn't check. This is probably a Cost manroot, M. oreganus.
White flowers
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We've seen this before, it's Indian warrior, Pedicularis densiflora. I like the single ray of sunlight on the leaves.
Indian warrior
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Here's the scat. This, to me, looks more like mountain lion than the other photos I've shown. The reason is that it's large enough and there was only one sample. Note how relatively fresh it looks.

Kieron had a cute city boy moment when we were discussing this sample. He said that it couldn't be mountain lion, because then the hair would have been tawny. You know, like mountain lion fur. I thought that was very cute.
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